Melbourne has been voted the most pleasant city to live in the world five times in a row! And we quickly understand why! It’s hard to explain, but Melbourne is a great place to live. And that feeling enveloped me as soon as I arrived! I spent 2 days in this bustling city walking along its streets, wide and wide. I discovered Melbourne at random by my own steps, without running after what to see, do, visit. I didn’t open a guide, not read a line about this city before I set foot in it, or after that. Voluntarily. Kind of like an experiment. So did I “good” visit Melbourne? Actually, I don’t know about that… I discovered a lot of things and I certainly missed some of them too! Some things I liked and some things I didn’t.

Today, I share with you my experience in Melbourne, the things I discovered and loved (I don’t deal with the bad ones! It’s the advantage of having a blog… we write well what we want 😉). Let’s go! Let’s go!

Visit Melbourne: my 5 must-see experiences

Art at the corner of the street

That’s what I liked best! Street art speaks to me. If I don’t like to lock myself up in museums, walk around and discover stencils, paste ups and other graffiti around the corner, I love it! And Melbourne is surpassing itself in this area! Along with New York, Berlin, London and Barcelona, Melbourne is one of the top 5 cities in the world for street art! If you are an amateur, don’t miss a visit to Centre Place, Hosier lane or Blender Lane.

A glass and a canvas on the rooftops of the city

I’ve already said it around here, I love rooftop bars! After New York, Melbourne is my second favorite place in this field. Be careful it’s serious, I’m holding a ranking (#passionrooftop 🙂) ! The people of Melbourne love to celebrate. So we didn’t have to be asked to integrate! My favorite: the Curtin House Rooftop Bar, which sometimes turns into an open-air cinema. See a movie on the rooftops of Melbourne… that may not be in the guides but it’s unforgettable!

If you like, here are some other places to go to admire the view: Loop Roof, Naked in the Sky, Transit Rooftop Bar, Easey’s, The Hills rooftop, Imperial Hotel, Madame Brussels… Stop me! 🙂

Lunch at the Queen Victoria Market

Still at random, I arrived at the Queen Victoria Market! It smelled good, I went to 😉 I like to go to the market when I visit a city, I think it’s a good way to take its pulse. You can shop there but also have lunch on site. Ideal for tasting local products. I really enjoyed this gourmet visit.

The city tour by tram


1- old trams are cool and

2- it’s free!

The City Circle (tram no. 35) is a free line that runs around the city centre. The walk is nice and commented. You can go up and down at several strategic points.