Traveling with a Dog

People love their dogs and want to take them everywhere including on vacation. These are some tips for traveling with dogs to make sure they are safe on the trip.


It is important that a strong collar and leash are used. The collar should have a tag with the name of the dog, the name of the owner, and a working contact phone number. The dog should also have its rabies tag on. It may be a good idea to get the dog microchipped and make sure that information is current.


It is wise to travel with the dog’s vaccination records just in case a person is questioned. The dog’s regular food should be brought along so that their stomach does not get upset. Bottled water is needed for the car ride and to make sure the dog has access to clean water. A person should have the contact information for a local emergency vet just in case something happens while away.

Ride Along

When traveling by car allow the dog to get used to being in the car. Take a couple of short rides around so that the dog can get a feel for the motion. The car also needs to be well ventilated. The windows will allow fresh air to flow in. Do not allow the dog to stick its head out of the window. This can lead to injuries.


To help avoid the dog getting carsick do not feed them before the trip. It is better to let the dog ride with an empty stomach. Make sure the dog has access to clean water all the time.

These are some tips for traveling with a dog. If a person takes measures to keep their dog safe and happy then the trips will be fun for everyone.